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GLOOP NOX AND THE STIK PEOPLE - Continuing where the Beatles lef

In 1973 I attended Lawrenceville School, a boys' prep school in central New Jersey, where I met Jim Nevius. Jim had played drums and electric bass in bands but was now playing electric guitar and singing in his band, Gloop Nox and the Stik People, which rehearsed in the basement of his family's home in Yardley, Pennsylvania. I had started playing guitar several years earlier and was anxious to join a band. Jim casually invited me to audition. I waited weeks for him to call but didn't hear from him, so I called him and he invited me to a rehearsal. I took a bus from Princeton to Trenton, walked across the bridge over the Delaware River to Morrisville, Pennsylvania, carrying my Fender Stratocaster, auditioned for the band, and was invited to join. Our music could be described as progressive rock leavened with juvenile humor. After decades of crawling through life's vicissitudes, Jim Nevius and I decided to reform Gloop Nox and the Stik People in August 2011 in New Jersey to record our songs JUST FOR FUN. We enlisted the services of supreme bassist Bob Sandor and seasoned drummer Ken Lawrence who have gigged in multiple bands and honed their musical skills for ages in the Delaware Valley. They entered into the project with a great “can do” attitude and quickly learned the songs. We also enlisted the services of shredding guitarist Paula Cohen of New York City. Scott Simon added keyboards to the tracks he produced and engineered at his studio on his horse farm in the lovely rural haven of Locktown, New Jersey. Here are those songs for your listening pleasure. ---John Trubee, Santa Rosa, California August 11, 2014

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