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1 x STEWART, ROD & FACES - Love touch
1 x BEATLES - Yellow submarine
1 x MAN - Live in Cologne 1975
1 x SWEET - The very best of
1 x STACK WADDY - Bugger Off!
1 x JONESY - No alternative


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SWEET - The very best of

Sweet were frontrunners in the1970s Glam Rock scene, they churned out awesome riffs and monster hits and were one of the most flamboyant bands around. Fusing bubblegum melodies with crunching, fuzzy guitars, the band looked like a heavy metal band and were a hugely commercial pop group. This combination served them well and they racked up a number of hits in both the UK and America. The Very Best Of Sweet brings together all of Sweet’s hits from Ballroom Blitz and Teenage Rampage to Wig Wam Bam and Blockbuster! It includes rare performances of their self-penned heavier tracks as well as bonus material from the orginal16mm films that Sweet recorded to promote their singles worldwide. With exclusive and specially recorded in-depth interviews, Andy Scott, Nicky Chinn (writer/manager) and Phil Wainman (producer/manager) take us behind the scenes as they relate their stories behind Sweet’s phenomenal rise to stardom. With official endorsements from the entire band, this is the definitive story of Sweet. Track Listing: Slow Motion, Hell Raiser, Funny Funny, Ballroom Blitz, Co-Co, Teenage Rampage, Poppa Joe, The Six Teens, Little Willy, Turn It Down, Wig Wam Bam, Fox On The Run, Blockbuster!, Action, Love Is Like Oxygen

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