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ECHO TRAIN - Libation (B)

Drawing inspiration from the cosmos around them and it's concise artistic interpretation, Echo Train from Greece, paint the next chapter of their legacy with "Libation", an album of abstract 60's rock psychedelia. "Libation" feels like a gathering of meaningful expression, a whirlwind of musical themes drenched in 60's blues & witchcraft Wiccan sermons, while attaining a clear focus on straightforward songwriting. Balancing old-fashioned keys with floating drumming and electrifying distorted riffing with earthly, eerie vocals, it holds true to its name, resembling an offering to deities above & below, assembling a rock album unaffected by time's passing. Most importantly, this collection of songs stands as an honest and self-explanatory creative statement, showcasing a band in its artistic prime, fully aware of their place and course. Echo Train amassed their life energy into a series of songs that form an album in the absolute meaning of the term, claiming existence and a place in this world. The release consist of 400 vinyl copies which all include a 2 page 4 color insert, from which the first 100 are coming in a special edition wooden box with pyrography, in which there are a 16 page book with original bands' artwork, a mega poster 60 X 90 cm, pin and a perfume stick, accompanied with a purple color vinyl. The rest copies are 100 purple color vinyls and 200 black color vinyls. BLACK

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