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SOUNDS AND TAMMY - Live 1966 (C)

Β-οtherSide Records –Lost Archives sublabel, proudly presents a live performance of the legendary Greek band Sounds with Tammy, from the 1966 winter, to be released on vinyl for first time. After the tapes’ transfering,18 songs were founded in very good quality, among them 2 original unreleased Sounds’ compositions, a cha-cha titled “Les trois garcons” with the Tammy’s voice and “I’ve got no reason to stay”, a unique blues song with the guest Yorgos Petridis (ex Bluebirds) vocals. The vinyl release also contains the songs from the Sounds first very rare single from 1966 “Daydream” and “Story of a tramp”, as the band present them live, along with 16 more songs, which were the band’s favorite program. The songs were introduced with the voices of Takis Sfakianopoulos ( Sounds’ organ player) at Italian and French songs and continues with Tammy and of course Takis Antoniadis. The release come at 450 hand numbered copies, from which 183 at white color vinyl and 200 at black vinyl, all including a 6 page insert with unique and rare photos of the era (taken from Mr. ALkis Exarchos archives,the band’s manager and photographer), as also the bands full biography at greek language and English translation. Finally, the first 66 copies come with a special hand made leather box set with silver print on the outersleeve and includes an extra cd with the album’s tracks , 4 card-postals ( 2 from the Sounds and 2 from Tammy) which are replicas from the original autographs of that era, a poster 30cmX40cm and a mega-poster 60cmX90cm, hand signed from Tammy. The mastering of the recording was made my Yiannis Kyris. This vinyl release is dedicated to the loving memory of Takis Antoniadis. COLOURED EDITION

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