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(both rare versions of the album) LP 600 numbered / heavy gatefold sleeve / 2 x 180 gram pressing / printed inner-sleeves / Japan protection sleeves / 2 page insert with liner notes / many unseen photos Denmark's Rainbow Band was formed in late 1969 as a supergroup consisting of Peer Frost (ex-Young Flowers), Lars Bisgaard (ex-Maxwells), Carsten Smedegaard (ex-Beefeaters), Bent Hesselmann and the former jazz players Niels Brønsted and Bo Stief. They've played jazz-influenced progressive rock in the style of Burnin' Red Ivanhoe and Traffic's second album. The rhythm section produced a powerful 60s beat, forcing Peer Frost to squeeze out some of his best guitar solos. The singer Lars Bisgaard was replaced by Allan Mortensen (ex-Tears) at the end of 1970. A Canadian group was already using the name Rainbow Band, which forced the Danish group to change their name into Midnight Sun in July 1971. Melody Maker editor Richard Williams wrote in 1971 that "the first time I heard this album, I was immediately seduced by its sense of freshness and space. The styles of playing are superficially little different from those of their brothers in Britain and America, but I find the atmosphere of this music wholly more relaxed and open". The first version of the album with vocalist Lars Bisgaard was released in December 1970. The second version replacing the original Bisgaard version with vocalist Allan Mortensen came in mid-February 1971. The third version of this album (same music but new name) came out as Midnight Sun with a new cover made by "Roger Dean". Beside the new vocals on both Rainbow Band version they differ in the songs as well. There is 1 song on the 1st version which does not appear on the 2nd version and the are 2 songs on the second version which do not appear on the 1st version. Perhaps one of the best Danish production in the 1970's, produced by Freddy Hansson & Rainbow Band and musically so well done that it will rank among the 5 best Danish 70's albums easily. A fantastic album from beginning to the end - and both version are great

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