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BREAKAWAYS - All for one

The Breakaways broke out of the Taranaki region of New Zealand's North Island in 1965 and went to Wellington, the capital city, to sign with HMV Records NZ. Their records catapulted them to nationwide fame via teen tv shows, six 45s, and two LPs. Having had already two big New Zealand hits, The Breakaways were en route to Taranaki with a rare night off when they realised The Pretty Things – in the middle of the controversial New Zealand tour – would be playing that evening in Whanganui. Experiencing up close the raw excitement of The Pretty Things consolidated their move away from pop and towards rhythm and blues. The band’s best recordings are collected here for the first time in nearly 50 years on vinyl. Fuzzy R&B! Blistering garage blasts! Dangerous interpretations of the Easybeats' ‘Women’ and a hero worshipping ‘Rosalyn’. Untamed renditions of ‘Milk Cow Blues’, ‘Ain’t Got You’, ‘Come See Me’ and ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’ from their second and unbelievably rare Album Two are the centre-points of this collection alongside a number of cool group originals. All tracks from master tape supervised by band member Midge Marsden. The LP is presented with the front cover of their 1966 debut album and a LP sized insert with band history, rare pics and input from original band members. Down under big beat blasts from this essential kiwi group from 1965 to 1967! Sales points: - Wild New Zealand 60s' Pretty Things type RnB - LP featuring rare 45's and assorted tracks from both LPs - mastered by Steve McGough and Midge Marsden at Stebbing Studio Auckland - full glossy coloured LP sized Insert w/pics and history - 300 copies for Europe and the USA only

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