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OUTSIDERS - CQ Mythology

Though few people realized it back in 1968, The Outsiders 'CQ' (pronounced as "Seek You") was a landmark album for the Dutch music scene, and the crowning achievement for one of Holland's greatest bands. Had it been released by a British or American band, 'CQ' might be mentioned today in the same breath as 'Ogden's Nut Gone Flake', 'Odessey & Oracle', 'S.F. Sorrow', 'White Light/White Heat', and 'We're Only In It For The Money', all iconic underground rock albums released that same tumultuous year. The album was recorded at G.T.B. Studios in The Hague and the Soundpush Studios in Blaricum during the summer of 1968. For the first time the group had the luxury of uninterrupted studio time, so the musicians were able to work out ideas right there in the studio, rolling tape as they went, then listening back and discussing what changes should be made. 'CQ Mythology' presents these session tapes, giving listeners a fascinating glimpse into the bands creative process as they shaped the songs that would eventually comprise the 'CQ' album. The original releases striking gatefold cover art, designed by artist Anton van der Gulik, was supposed to fold out into four rather than two panels. But apart from the album sleeve that Polydor has released, Van der Gulik made a second design. His four unused iron plate panels now house this 'CQ Mythology' release, a sprawling double-album that stands as a kind of shadow version of the final album. It's a compelling document of a true masterwork-in-progress. Tracklisting: Chapter 1 1. Misfit 3:22 - Instrumental, stereo 2. Misfit 3:16 - Vocal, mono 3. C.Q. 4:13 - Instrumental, stereo 4. I Dont Care 2:54 - Vocal, mono 5. Zsarrahh 3:30 - Instrumental, stereo 6. Zsarrahh 4:00 - Vocal, mono TT: 21:15 Chapter 2 1. Doctor 4:45 - Instrumental, stereo 2. 1, 2, 3, 4 (Doctor) 3:05 - Vocal, mono 3. It Seems Like Nothings Gonna Come My Way Today 2:54 - Instrumental, stereo 4. You Remind Me 3:02- Vocal, mono 5. Daddy Died On Saturday 3:25 - Instrumental, stereo 6. Youre Everything On Earth 4:39 - Vocal, mono TT: 21:50 Chapter 3 1. The Man On The Dune 2:14 - Instrumental, stereo 2. The Man On The Dune 2:22 - Vocal, mono 3. The Bear 1:09 - Instrumental, stereo 4. Happyville 2:37 - Instrumental, stereo 5. Happyville 3:11 - Vocal, mono 6. Do You Feel Allright 3:03 - Instrumental, mono 7. Do You Feel Allright 3:54 - Vocal, stereo 8. M.E. Song 3:29 - Vocal, mono TT: 21:59 Chapter 4 1. Prison Song 5.38 - Instrumental, mono 2. Prison Song 5:20 - Vocal, stereo 3. Wish You Were Here With Me Today 2:02 - Instrumental, stereo 4. Wish You Were Here With Me Today 2:18 - Vocal, mono 5. Instrumental Space Demo 2:36, mono 6. I Love You No. 2 3:26 - Vocal, mono TT: 21:35

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