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GROVJOBB - Vättarnas fest

From the wonderful cover with the parading bodies transformed as music instruments, one gets the picture that something special goes on with “Vättarnas Fest”. Following their excellent debut from the year prior, Grovjobb come with another impressive album, which by many is considered as their “crown of creation”. The music in this second offering takes a deeper dive in the early 70s in a remarkably convincing result. The jam based approach on the record takes a more hypnotic, jazzier approach and the flute playing is more fluid than on the previous album, resulting in a distant krauty vibe. Then comes the use of sitar and bits of Indian classical music; a fact that adds a spacious feel to the music and an aura of originality. The listener is transported back in time, without being (even momentary) let-down through all this well-played, cohesive, always inspired instrumental delivery. And in true retro spirit, the high levels of creativity result in an eastern-influenced 19 minute long instrumental suite, where the raga structured sitar transitions softly into an electric guitar driven psych journey that near its end dissolves in a sea of fuzz. Music that good, that never gets old or outdated; a five stars album that is superb in every respect and a must to every retro psych/prog aficionado. Limited edition to 200 coloured copies...

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