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RÄVJUNK - Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner Igen

Scandinavia's best Punk-Psych band from Uppsala, Sweden. This second album by Rävjunk includes tracks from rare singles and EP's as well as completely unknown tracks picked by Peter Ericson (drums). We where working on this album for weeks and just before the album was done, Peter sadly left this world. This album is in memory of Peter Ericson, the great Swedish drummer and singer from Rävjunk! A great selection of songs from the early pre-Punk period ala Stooges / MC5 as well as long jamming guitar tracks influenced by German Kraut & space rock bands. The bands style was quite unique, as they were heavily influenced by the German Krautrock bands, but also saw the heavy psych movement as a bright star. Several influences are evident, but it’s all blended into something unique as each member brought their own intriguing ingredients into the music. Guitarist Christer was a Hendrix freak and singer Sören was deeply involved in the new punk rock movement. Bassist Lars-Eric was very much into Jack Bruce and Cream, while Peter the drummer was an avid fan of German bands such as CAN and Guru Guru. The first album was titled in Swedish "Uppsala City Hotel Is Burning", this new album is titeld "Uppsala City Hotel Is Burning Again. A great album from beginning to end, as good as the first album for sure. LP 500 numbered / heavy sleeve / 180 gram "transparent yellow" pressing / 2 page insert

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