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HEADQUAKE - Roots and branches (B)

Brand new release from Greece's leading heavy/stoner-rock act Headquake! Featuring unreleased recordings from the band's first period, from 1993 to 1995, "Roots And Branches" manifests Headquake's magical combination of raw riff-rock power and stoner grooves, from an era when, even the term "stoner-rock' was a novelty. Powered by the steaming rhythm section of Babis Dallidis (ex-Villa 21) and Leonidas Papadakis (ex-Melting Ashes), "Roots" side, recorded in the summer of 1993, demonstrates the lead guitar work of the late Costas Pothoulakis (ex-Villa 21) along with vocals from Nightstalker's Argie, with Thanassis Banassios, their current guitarist, on second guitar; for the "Branches" side Headquake are a 4-piece, with new vocalist Shen "Zen" Lenahan and guitarist Stelios "Schema" Giannoulakis, somehow previewing the band's second period, from the early '00s 'till today. Released by Sound Effect Records of Athens in a limited edition of 260 copies on black vinyl and 160 on beautiful red/blue splatter colour vinyl including free poster, reprint of one of the band's originals from the early '90s era, "Roots And Branches" is an irresistible piece of history and a must for any modern heavy/stoner-rock aficionado across the globe. Headquake are currently working on material for a new album, their first after 2014's "Into the Spiral", to be recorded some time in 2017, while their live performances are always a riot, most recently having opened for Monster Magnet in Athens! BLACK EDITION

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