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WUCAN - Sow the wind
[LP+7"]    LABEL: MIG

With its debut album “Sow The Wind” the Dresden quartet has already gained vigorous reviews and with its wild live performances many thrilled fans. Internationally they also gathered a lot of attention at festivals (Into The Void NL, Desertfest Antwerpen BE, Muskelrock SE). In 2015 reader and critics’ polls WUCAN were termed “newcomer” and “surprise” of the year (among them eclipsed, Deaf Forever) and the album itself comes off very well, too. At facebook the band has received 5,000 likes up to now. In March 2016, Francis and her team were guests at the Crossroads Festival of WDR Rockpalast. Critics are reveling; there are quotes to be read like “music that drives you to ecstasy” and “Francis’ transverse flute” would “sometimes sound like guitar riffs”. And you should not be fooled by the hippie outfit – WUCAN rock hard & heavy & bluesy and by now they already are a notorious live act whose follower are growing steadily. He who calls himself a true “Dopetrotter” will primarily want to have the vinyl (totally retro) – and thus the first limited edition of 1,000 was out of print in short time. On June 24, 2016 MIG Music GmbH will release not only a second edition but a new edition with an alternative artwork and including the 7” single “Fatherstorm” (“Fatherstorm revisited” with a new vocal track and the live classic “Dopetrotter 2016” in a completely new recording of the EP track) plus free download. On top of that we are pleased to present WUCAN’s new and permanent drummer Phil Knöfel! Since the beginning of this year the band is touring with their new acquisition, and Phil has already captured his place in the band. With this we may send a fat Thank You to the long-term temp drummer Leo Vaessen.

Το προϊόν αυτο προστέθηκε στον κατάλογό μας την Thursday 04 August, 2016.
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DEAD ENDS - Deeper the dark the brighter we shine (C)
DEAD ENDS - Deeper the dark the brighter we shine (C)

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