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The classic/folk rock group Parzival belonged between 1970 and 1973 to those German formations that created an internationally recognized independent music style. In 1965, the singer / guitarist Lothar Siems and singer / drummer Thomas Olivier had founded the group Chamberlains in Bremen. A year later they moved as a duo around the country. In 1967 they formed up with violinist Walter Quintus and a cellist The Quintus Quartet. 1969, after a French tour, Siems, Olivier and Quintus lifted the band Beazzic Conservatory of day. Contacts with George Harrison and Ringo Starr brought letters of recommendation, and Muff Winwood of Island Records certified the band exceptional talent (""(„..the next big group in the world will come from Germany and I think PARZIVAL would stand a good chance of making it:“ ) - Test recordings for an lp had been made in England , but the strict rules of the British trade union made a last-minute spanner in the works. It was the important German producer Conny Plank who signed the band for Telefunken Records 1971, the first album "Legend" was released. Avant-garde classic rock, which many critics enthused: "Classical, jazz and rock blend into a convincing sound" (Basler Zeitung), "Sound locks of discrete elegance and beauty" (Frankfurter Allgemeine), "One of the most interesting groups in Europe" (Melody Maker). Consistently the musicians followed their course to the 2. and final album of 1973. "BaRock" was a perfect blend of progressive folk, art rock and classical elements. The musicians had also looked for reinforcements for the recordings. The Aachener Zeitung (German daily paper) wrote after the release: "This is not only worth listening to music of the 70s, that's almost a chore to listen to. Here different influences merge into a warm convincing sound. " Nevertheless, “BaRock became the final step of PARZIVAL. The band split! The musicians were spread in all directions. In 1977 Lothar Siems and Walter Quintus released the critically acclaimed rock opera "Der Fόhrer" . Quintus is still successful working in the music business. The history of PARZIVAL however, was terminated. After the debut album "Legend" (Sireena 4007) Sireena Records now releases the final album "BaRock" again on heavy 180 gram vinyl, too. Unlike the original edition this album appears even in the gatefold cover. Another document from the probably most innovative years of rock music.

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