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In 1972, Barry Dransfield recorded his debut solo album. Just called '' Barry Dransfield'' , the album is a real delight from start to finish. It features an array of traditional songs arranged by Barry, some original ones and some fantastic covers from people like Michael Hurley ('' The werewolf'' ) and David Ackles ('' Be my friend'' ). Sadly, the album was deleted just after nine months from his initial release, because it was released on Folk Mill, a Polydor sublabel created to enter the folk field, but the Polydor guys realized soon that this was not his business, and deleted their whole catalog immediately (including also the C.O.B. Moyshe McStiff… album). Needless to say, the album has become a true rarity and a collector's item since then. Record Hunter voted him '' the rarest folk album'' and Tapestry Of Delights book described it as '' along with Vashti Bunyan's '' Just a diamond day'' , this debut solo album, full of enchanting folk, is one of the two most sought after major label folk albums'' . This wonderful album was reissued some years ago in a limited vinyl run of 500 that were disappeared at the first day without even entering UK & USA stores, as it was sold entirely to Japan. Now we're very happy to announce our new reissue , plus an insert with linernotes. A stunning release to add to our no- filler growing catalog. Absolutely indispensable!

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HARBINGER - Second coming
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GUALBERTO - A la vida, al dolor
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EDGAR ALAN POE - Generazioni

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