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ΔΙΑΦΟΡΟΙ - βιῶν ἐν εἰρκτῇ
[3LP+7"boxset]    LABEL: EIRKTI

Being in existence for almost a decade and we realize that thanks to the valuable response of music aficionados out there our liberating imprisonment oxymoron is still preserved. Almost a decade after and we are smoothly forced to a concise review of our progress so far given that one of our main ideas becomes reality. The release of a long-wanted compilation, a wildest dream of ours since the conception of the eirkti label. Three Lps and a 7” single, 8 sides full of unreleased tracks by 28 alternative music groups (mainly out of the 80s) which covers the wider sound spectrum on which our label has focused. Indeed, we find ourselves in sonic crossroads of post-punk (e.g., side A), punk (e.g., side B), minimal synth (e.g., side C), dark wave-electronic-experimental (e.g., sides D, E and F) and new wave (sides G and H) compositions. Compositions that overall, not only show the scope, depth and peculiarities of the Greek underground alternative scene but also the potential this scene has in terms of both inspiration and execution. We really feel satisfied knowing that we have contribute to exemplifying this potential. We really feel satisfied knowing that what was once an idea has become reality. The “βιῶν ἐν εἰρκτῇ”compilation comes in a white box of a limited edition of 500 copies. This box includes three LPs, a 7” single and a 20-page book with according information for each of the participant groups. Playing it loud is absolutely recommended.

Το προϊόν αυτο προστέθηκε στον κατάλογό μας την Friday 10 July, 2015.

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