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FIREBIRDS - Light my fire

The 1968 released “Light My Fire” album by the Firebirds , is a loose stoner heavy power album and a truly awesome relict from the Sixties. It offers a very heavy, psych flavored hard rock with blistering guitar leads inspired by the likes of Hendrix, Cream and early Blue Cheer. With the exception of the title track, all songs are group originals and the song writing is simply amazing. Considering this is a so-called exploitation album, the band has a stunning musical quality, which made the LP sought after and highly prized by collectors over the years. The new edition contains all track stated on the cover incl. "Free Fuzz" and "Free Drum". Both these recordings were not included on the original album, but ended up on another exploitation album the same people did under the moniker "31st Flavours" for the same label. LP comes with original l abels and original cover

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