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The Basements were formed in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2009. After various changes to their members the current composition consists of John - vox, harmonica, maracas, tambourine, Nick - guitar vox, Kostas - bass, Alex - farfisa organ, Dimitris - drums. Influenced by the American garage bands in the 60's, they have created a solid sound that energize with the dynamic rhythm section, wyld vocals, full of fuzz guitars, and the farfisa on red. We are taking about real Garage Punk sound ... just like those days were Wyld & Primitive! They have played together with leading foreign bands like Sonics and Fuzztones and what characterizes their live performances is their blistering energy, dragging their audience on their frenetic rhythm. They are considered one of the most dynamic bands of the Greek scene. In 2010 they released their first 7''ep "Heart of stone", and follow the album entitled 'Im dead' in 2012 and a split 7 "with Sound Explosion in 2014 by Lost in Tyme Records. ‘Lost’ their brand new album delivers twelve original songs, blending the wylde garage fuzz sounds and the moody ballads from the 60’s. Their unique song-writing with the powerful rhythm section on drums & bass lines, the wild guitar sound, the farfisa and the screaming vocals delivers a mind blowing album. The analogue recording makes their sound more authentic and at the same time so fresh and unique!

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