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1 x IA-BATISTE - Chichonera's cat
1 x COLUMBIA κατάλογος 45 στροφών/EP
1 x BERLIN BRIDES - Modern celibacy
1 x HOUNDDOGS - Respect
1 x MINOS κατάλογος 45 στροφών
1 x MIGHT OF COINCIDENCE - The birth of... (B)
1 x PARLOPHONE κατάλογος 45 στροφών/EP
1 x MARCUS - From the house of the trax


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PENTWATER - Out of the abyss

Out of the abyss of obscure US seventies' bands Syn-Phonic brings to the light of day unreleased music by the Chicago band Pentwater. Pentwater recorded this music from 1973 to 1976 with the final song, Kill the Bunny, recorded live at CBGB's in New York City in November 1976. Pentwater released their self-titled LP with different songs in 1978 and then broke up by the end of that year. The combined talents of Pentwater produced songs that bought to my mind elements of Genesis (Selling England by the Pound), Gentle Giant, Jimi Hendrix, and Italian progressive rock ala Le Orme (Felona E Sorona). It is a true indicator of excellent music when it distracts you from what you are doing. I did not expect much when I first listened to this CD. Much to my surprise and pleasure I had to stop and take notice of Out of the Abyss. Each time I listen to it, the better I like it! The one weak moment on the disk is the song Necropolis, a bland ode to famous dead people, saved only by the instrumental break in the middle. The two longest songs on the CD, "Gwen's Madrigal" and "The Journeys," feature the best of Pentwater: Hammond organ and Mellotron, "Steve Hackett" guitar riffs, and pleasant vocal harmonies. To top off this CD, Syn-Phonic included a short band history, lyrics, and an artistic picture disk with a black sky and sunlit water.

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STINKING LIZAVETA - Sacrifice and Bliss
STINKING LIZAVETA - Sacrifice and Bliss
KING CRIMSON - In the wake of Poseidon
KING CRIMSON - In the wake of Poseidon
SMITH, PATTI - About the night and what it does to you
SMITH, PATTI - About the night and what it does to you
CATHERINE’S HORSE - Garage blues from Connecticut
CATHERINE’S HORSE - Garage blues from Connecticut
FINE, PETE - Northstar
FINE, PETE - Northstar

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