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TRANSURANIC HEAVY ELEMENTS - The flamin prophets of a new dawn
[cassette]    LABEL: PRIVATE

TRANSURANIC HEAVY ELEMENTS - The flamin prophets of a new dawns is the new album from Space-/Kraut-/Heavy Rock influenced band from Hämeenlinna, Finland. A strange mixture of different genres takes you to a journey through the mind of a human being to the deepest depths of the oceans – after all, we all come from the realms beyond the stars. For several centuries we have not been the only intelligent inhabitants of our planet. The galactic overseers arrived here on the moment we started to show signs of ability to change the planet too much. They are called The Prophets of a New Dawn, and their mission is to guide us through the process where we develop from an animal like species to something which counts as a universal force. The Prophets have been watching us and seeing over our planet. Far from the stars they have come here. They established their bases to the most remote locations to keep their secret. The mankind is not yet ready for the Knowledge. This is a limited, cassette only album.

Το προϊόν αυτο προστέθηκε στον κατάλογό μας την Monday 18 December, 2017.

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