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NEU! - 2

The second album originally released in 1973 on the german label Brain, in the UK on United Artists Records and in France on Philips. A co-production by Klaus Dinger, Michael Rother and Conny Plank. The 2nd album, originally released by Brain in 1973; contains the all-time classic motorik track "F�r Immer". "A good portion of Neu!2 consists of sped-up, slowed down and otherwise altered versions of what was initially just 20 minutes of newly recorded material. In short, Neu!2 presents the listener with the first ever examples of what was to become one of electronic/dance music's most important devices -- the remix." Klaus Dinger (Japan banjo, guitar, percussion, Farfisa piano, Bandonion, singing, electronics); MIchael Rother (guitar, bass, piano, violin, zither, percussion, cassette recorder). Notes: Side One recorded mid of January 1973 in four nights and mixed in three nights late February 1973 at Windrose-, Dumont-, Time-Studios, Hamburg. Side Two - the two tracks "Neuschnee" and "Super" are from a single released in October 1972 (Brain 503) and all other tracks on side two are variations of this tracks, except for "Cassetto". All side noises, scrapes etc. are there with full intention.

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NEU! - S/T
NEU! - S/T
GUN - Gunsight
GUN - Gunsight
PEGGY'S LEG - Grinilla
PEGGY'S LEG - Grinilla
DR.Z - Three parts to my soul
DR.Z - Three parts to my soul
GRAVY TRAIN - (A ballad of) a peaceful man
GRAVY TRAIN - (A ballad of) a peaceful man
WHITE WILLOW - Signal to noise
WHITE WILLOW - Signal to noise

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